трип (Trip) will close out 2015 with the release of two more eight-track double-vinyl albums, curated by label owner Nina Kraviz and featuring gatefold hand drawn artwork by in-house artist Tombo. The releases draw on productions from established Trip members Kraviz, Bjarki, Terrence Dixon, Barcode Population and Nikita Zabelin, in addition to new artists added to its expanding catalogue including K-Hand, Fred P, DJ Sodeyama, Vladimir Dubyshkin, Roma Zuckerman and Philipp Gorbachev.  As established with the label’s first three releases, both collections will function as a soundtrack to scenarios and the accompanying artwork from  Tombo.  TRP004’s title ‘Ivan, Come On! Unlock The Box!’ (Иван, давай! Открой коробку!) is inspired by the track contributed by Philipp Gorbachev (Comeme/PG Tunes), from which Kraviz has extrapolated a story of a rule-defying maverick Ivan who is “searching for the key to the future”, while TRP005’s title ‘I Have A Question’ is drawn from a track by the mysterious, hitherto-unreleased Krasnoyarsk-born Siberian producer Roma Zuckerman.  TRP005, due in early December, meanwhile explores subtler and slower tempo variants on Trip’s sonic signature than the tougher-sounding 004.  In addition to another modular cut from Kraviz, ‘Let’s Do It’, and tracks by Bjarki and Population One, 004’s K-HAND, Roma Zuckerman and Vladimir Dubyshkin all return, while Fred P and Dommune's DJ Sodeyama both make their label debuts.  Kraviz’s edit of Fred P’s Higher Mentalism gets its official release following its appearance on her DJ-Kicks mix in early 2015.
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