In times where a compilation of 12-inch bangers passes as an album, Telephones “Vibe Telemetry” opts for a different approach. Without being a departure from his 12”s for Sex Tags Ufo, Full Pupp and yours truly or his brilliant remix work for José Padilla and Vangelis Katsoulis, the Norwegian producer from Bergen who calls Berlin his home, hones sound, skills and aesthetics on his debut long-player.  “Vibe Telemetry” is inspired by the pure feeling of listening to house, disco and techno, prior to knowing what it actually was: ambiguous, euphoric, mystical and melancholic. Sonic and physical experiences, which names and origins were yet to be discovered.  The source of “Vibe Telemetry” is that special feeling and much more: borrowed cassette tapes, music recorded from radio, mixes from local Bergen-artists and clubs, tracks heard from the sidewalk outside of clubs you're too young to get into, music from the local music library in Bergen or the things being played in local record-shops.  In essence, Telephones made a record inspired by Norwegian music, it's scene around the turn of the century and the roots of contemporary disco music, which includes almost everything from NY disco to techno and Mad Mike UR productions. The echoes of Italo house and UK labels like Peacefrog, Ferox or Discfunction are as perceptible as the philosophy of fellow Norwegians Bjørn Torske and the late Erot.  It's also a very personal record. Stimulated by the surroundings of a young Telephones growing up on the island of Sotra, outside of Bergen. Taking busses, boats and trains to get around and into the city. The sounds of the ferry mixed with seagulls and hex-programming on PC-software. Old memories of rainy raves on the mountains of Bergen join new field recordings from Mexico, Ibiza, Italy and Norway. Different UK backyards meet sounds from Croatia or Berlin and old recordings from as far back as 1998.  On paper, all of that might sound like a nostalgic record, but it is far from it. “Vibe Telemetry” is made for the future with the past and present in mind. Listen and you will understand.
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