Valence reissues a pair of hard-to-find 1997 Deupree productions with Marco Shuttle & ROD remixes of the A1  "Both tracks were made and released in 1997 on limited run vinyl, now somewhat hard to find. They straddle many lines between dance music and experimental, between techno and minimal and even manage to bridge two sides of Deupree’s career as a musician. Moving from his work with the seminal Prototype 909 and closer towards the elegant and ultra-minimal compositions for his 12k imprint, these tracks represent a beginning of this transition.   Rather than just reiterate the originals, this edition carries remixes by two of the most capable producers currently riding the edges of graceful minimalism and muscular techno. ROD turns the A1 “Untitled” into a heady tool with a pounding kick and mechanized samples of the original, while Marco Shuttle’s mix of the track takes flight with the track's musical tone and brings it to a transcendent elegy, leaning as much on Philip Glass and Steve Reich as it does on dancefloor paradigms.   Taken collectively the tracks and remixes show a nuanced look at a pivotal moment in techno, balanced with contemporary voices, as well as the blurred lines between electronic minimalism and dancefloor epiphanies." - Kevin McHugh, Valence
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