Quavius is a producer and rapper from the southern United States. Born in the late 80s with family in the military, he's bounced between Virginia and Florida, soaking in regional go-go and baltimore club music along with rap, R&B, jazz and Drum n' Bass. After some years experimenting behind the DAW, he's amassed a diverse catalog of tunes, 8 of which are featured on his debut self-titled 12" for Lustwerk Music.  Energetic deep house, two-stepping astral funk, crispy cloud raps and cascading rollerskate riffs occupy this all-encompassing EP. Quavius manipulates samples like watercolors, letting bitrates blend and snap into euphoric moments of clarity. His rapping is that of a shapeshifter, making room in the mix any way he sees fit, high, low, melodic or not. And the lyrics? Catchy, life-affirming, fun. What more could you ask for?
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