Magical, mystical and straight from the heart: After "Until Then, Goodbye" (2009) and "A Day In The Life" (2014), the Hamburg-based art curator, DJ and producer Lawrence releases “Yoyogi Park” - the third part of an album trilogy for Mule Musiq in collaboration with artist Stefan Marx    The album explores unknowingly relations between his very own ambient productions, acoustic sound experiments and the driving force of the dancefloor. The artwork depocts a 360° degree view of Yoyogi Park in the heart of Tokyo, created by Stefan Marx for the 2015 NYC's book fair's fanzine.    Known to all people in Tokyo and worldwide, Yoyogi Park seems to be just another gorgeous everyday green life spot. But behind its beauty and anonymity you can find much craziness and mystery, like the latest ten tracks by Lawrence: behind his abstract beats and compelling functionality you will discover areas of magic with a full-colour palette of mind-expanding sounds.     Some of his album tracks contain live samples recorded in hometown Hamburg with his band Sky Walking, consisting of Christian Naujoks, RVDS and himself. Others are new versions of previously-released, dreamily sublime ambient tracks. A one-of-a-kind blend of varied, deep, widescreen and star-crossed electronica that's both romantic and enchanting.     His excellent new recordings seduce with in-depth house rhythm sensibilities, while spreading otherworldly melodies that are almost physical. Some started in his cosy backyard studio in Hamburg. Others have been crafted and tested out on the road between cities like Berlin, Buenos aires, New York City and Tokyo. They are all highly entertaining, with some analogue warmth in the bloodline that spreads mystery and allure.     Lawrence also used field recordings recorded while in the streets, parks and nature. Little particles of a compelling bigger musical picture that carries us from joy to melancholy. And though the album is made for the dancefloor, its shimmering brilliance goes far beyond usual club music euphoria.     Wonderful compelling stuff that could be the perfect starting point for anyone interested in delving into Lawrence's exclusive world of intimacy and subtly shifting grooves and tones. It is an enchanting one, where feelings unfold in rhythms and melodies without losing their intenseness during their transfer.   
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