Marco Shuttle will release his first solo album 'Visione' on his Eerie label in November. The Italian producer has made considerable waves in the techno scene over recent years, particularly since his breakthrough 2011 single The Vox Attitude. Having since released on Clone, The Bunker and Time To Express, this year has seen Shuttle hard at work at his first entry into the LP format.   The resulting album marks a more experimental Marco Shuttle than the one familiar from his singles. 'Visione' is a cohesive and compact work, which draws on Shuttle's design background to unfold an audio narrative with a strong aesthetic approach. With a more abstract sound than his club-focused records, 'Visione' retains a cinematic scope while maintaining a common texture of sound throughout the tracks: the detailed productions were created with mainly analogue equipment with meticulously modulated oscillators, creating tracks that are by turns psychedelic (In The Chaos), cosmic (The Way Out, Volts) and sinister (Beyond The Mass).   Opening track The Chaos... And Then... features a guest appearance from Donato Dozzy, with whom Shuttle recently unveiled the collaborative project Anxur, with a separate EP from the duo preceding the album on Eerie in October. That track aside, this is very much a personal statement from Shuttle who drew inspiration from Krautrock, 70's psychedelic electronica, musique concrete and norwegian avant garde jazz to mention just a few of the wide-ranging influences that have informed his Visione. 
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