Kevin McHugh will release his first artist album as LA-4A in May 2016. ‘Phonautograph’ will arrive on McHugh’s own Delft imprint, the label that in his own words is dedicated to “roots techno” - acid & electro-indebted machine-based house & techno.  The genesis of Phonautograph begins with teenage McHugh in Washington DC, seeing Fugazi for the first time. As an induction into the DC punk scene, it introduced him to a way of thinking about music that has resonated with him until this day, manifesting itself in the raw immediacy in his work as LA-4A. The alias was donned for the first time when McHugh launched Delft in 2013 with the underground hit ‘Invader’, a track that, alongside the rest of the label’s output, continues to be a secret weapon for DJs including Mike Servito, Gerd Janson, Erol Alkan and Bicep. Since its inception, Delft has been home to all LA-4A original tracks to date, in addition to releases from Matrixxman, Vernon Felicity, Alden Tyrell, Vin Sol and JPLS. LA-4A has also contributed remixes to New York's Throne of Blood and Voodoo Down labels, and will issue a first original EP outside of Delft for DJ Haus' Unknown To The Unknown imprint later in 2016.  The two decades since that Fugazi show have taken McHugh from hearing a friend DJ the industrial/EBM room of DC’s Tracks club, to playing his own all-time favourite records at Berghain as LA-4A. Stops in between in Baltimore (where he attended the same school as future Delft artist Alden Tyrell, there on a study abroad program), London (where he made his first steps into DJing at his student union bar in 1995), NYC (where he began a career in art, working at the Andrea Rosen Gallery, while also running his own parties and booking the likes of Sonic Youth, Zip, Mogwai, Porter Ricks, Mos Def & DJ Spooky for Creative Time’s Music in The Anchorage series underneath the Brooklyn Bridge) and Berlin (where he moved in 2004 to help Richie Hawtin build the first Plastikman live show, using his knowledge of technology and audio-visual installations, before beginning his own music production career).  Over twenty years of the collected interest and expertise in music, art and technology have coalesced into the resulting LA-4A album, with its titles (and artist name itself) named for analogue communication technologies that at one point heralded a new future before receding into obsolescence. The artwork is also drawn from McHugh’s time in the art world, with DL Alvarez contributing a hand-drawn reproduction of a still image from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey: as with all LA-4A productions, the artwork is a result of analogue source material which is then digitally manipulated.  Phonautograph represents an artist album in its purest sense: a deeply personal work that feels like the culmination of a lifetime of passion and experience - one that ebbs and flows across a variety of styles and tempos, from the electrifying acid house and electro of ‘Resistor’, 'Capacitance' and ‘Dialup’ to slower tempo ambient and experimental excursions such as ‘Frequenzvariabler’, ‘Blitzlicht’ and ‘Semantron’.   “The core of techno music is anchored around a vision of the future that was formed 20-30 years ago. The hardware and approaches are less about continually redefining this futurism, than about enjoying the beauty of a fantasy that is somewhat obsolete now. Now that the devices in our pocket have more technology than entire studios once had, and our present day abilities are beyond the imaginations of that era, I feel the need to embrace the simultaneous obsolescence and relevance of these tools. The tracks on the album are all inspired by technologies that helped create a ‘tomorrow’, but were quickly obsolete by the time that tomorrow arrived. The title comes from the very first ever created audio recording technology, which predated Edison’s phonograph, and has lingered in obscurity since. It’s fitting to use 2001 as the springboard for the album artwork: a vision of the future we’ve already surpassed, and made with completely analog tools.” -  Kevin McHugh aka LA-4A
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