It was September 2013 when John Osborn & October released the first TANSTAAFL PLANETS record, KEL by Elias from Skudge. Now in May 2016, and following contributions from artists including Joey Anderson, John Daly and Lando & Xavier, the tenth and last TANSTAAFL PLANETS will see the light of day: A collaboration between John Osborn & long time TANSTAAFL family member Tallmen785.  TANSTAAFL PLANETS was original created as a sub-label but it eventually became clear that PLANETS was just a series, finishing on the tenth release. The end of this PLANETS series will give birth to a new series, with a new look & ethos. The next series of ten records curated by John Osborn & October will be known as the TANSTAAFL DRED collection: another series of ten records, pressed on 10" green wax & limited to 300 copies. Each release will feature two tracks of mutant dub house techno & disco. Starting with DRED01 by Sven von Thülen in late November, the series will also feature contributions from Tom Diccico, HBNG & Henning Baer.  John Osborn & Tallmen785 have worked together in Berlin for some time and the last release by the duo was seen in 2015 on Tom Diccico’s Run Out Run imprint. The pair have since this release developed an artistic relationship, which has giving birth to a unique sound that is an amalgamation of both producers musical vision; Tallmen785 coming from a more thumping techno background and John from his well established deep dubby house & techno excursions.  Now they bring you a driving three tracker; The Curfew EP. The three tracks are compiled and crafted with trippy pulsating bass lines, alien synth leads, whipping jungle snares, and skipping high hats that sound as though they have all been produced by an alien lizard race from the constellation Draco. If you don’t believe us, ask David Icke (artwork) or just give it a listen yourself - but careful these frequencies may cause abduction by a reptilian race. Which is also pretty trippy.
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