Two years after his debut LP 'Love Based Music', Damiano von Erckert presents the follow up 'Also Known As Good', again combining a versatile spectrum of genre influences and collaborations with other a variety of artists coming from house, disco, jazz, techno, hip hop, soul and experimental.  'Also Known As Good‘ tells a story about club culture and the last 40 years of music, its genres and background. Through both solo productions and regular collaborations with Tito Wun, Hodini, May, Retrogott, Am Kinem transmitting the vibe of Cologne, AVA. and Damiano's perception of music has become known for traversing a myriad of styles via both sampling and live instrumentation.   To this end, Von Erckert adds to his cast of regular collaborators Tyler Pope, the former member of Warp Records' !!! who lends a Krautrock edge to the track 'Marcos, Jean, Ralf'; Chicago singer Amalia and New Jersey hip hop producer Miles Bonny. Together the combination feeds beautifully into the album's unifying concept as a love letter to the music that continues to inspire Damiano von Erckert. 
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