Digger supreme, Major Problem label affiliate and Dublin local hero Compassion Crew opens his vaults for ‘Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates’. This curious 11-tracker is the culmination of years of patient and persistent collecting, chasing, calling, faxing, internet mailing, wining, dining and those all-too-rare deserts: lucky breaks. The search took him from an attic in America’s mid-west, to chasing holy-grail master tapes in Rome, BBQ’ing with Ethiopian synth royalty in Dublin and then further: to Sweden, the UK, Germany and Switzerland.    ‘Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates’ - the first LP on Major Problems - runs through a rarified selection of raw analogue house and most-wanted italo; 808 and vocoder jams, proto-house; dope synth workouts; private press gospel and some experimental tracks that just won’t be defined. Dig in.    The vinyl is available in a double-gatefold with full-colour artwork. A special edition includes the compilation, a sealed copy of Defuser’s private press LP, ’Music For A Comic Book Video’, from 1985, and a screen-print of Simon Landrein’s cover art.     About Compassion Crew:    CC is a producer based in Dublin, Ireland. He has released music on Rush Hour, Dolly, Horn Wax and Major Problems. He is also known as B.D.I.. He is an avid collector of interesting music.
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