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Album, October 06 2017

Ben Sun has been releasing records on a range of established labels since 2010, when he co-founded the Voyeurhythm imprint in London, turning to music whenever he could afford to put down his tools as a graphic designer. His tracks have found their way into the record bags of people like Larry Heard, Gerd Janson, Linkwood, Tensnake, Quantic and a diverse bunch of respected DJs the world over.

He has a love for affordable old hardware and experimental DIY setups. The MPC60 is at the core of many of his early productions (the smoky atmospheric grooves of tracks like You Should Know Better' and 'Phantoms'). As his talents developed he began to explore a more instrumental electronic sound; analog synths and hardware sequencing for live arrangements, peppered with improvisations. 

On his debut album Sun presents an old style LP format – 40 minutes of moods and grooves interwoven with an intimate story, of individuals struggling to live freely in a time of oppression. After a sultry jazz opener where the characters are introduced, the LP kicks off with a sweet and slow soul track in 'Work Again', underpinned by a rotating acid bass. Third comes 'Salty Tears', the disco floor-filler originally released on a limited 12” in VR's early days. 'Your Camera' and 'Monday' usher in some moody rhythms to complete the first side. 

'Sin Casa' opens the second side with a minor-blues improvisation that gives way to a spacious deep house jam, where the protagonists emerge again. 'Still Missing' shows deeper shades of a Eurobeat style – an emotionally compelling club tune that sounds somewhere on the Italo side of 1980s Manchester, and which might be the real heartbeat of the record. The story comes to a conclusion with 'Cowardice', and the casual jazz-house sounds of 'Maman’s Lover'.

"At the time of making this record, I was exploring methods inspired by music makers like Stock Aitken Waterman, RAH Band, Madlib, Vaughan Mason, Severed Heads, Marshall Jefferson… So there’s elements of a pop-oriented dance sound, as well as some deeper tendencies. That’s also why I wanted to do a single LP with a story element, preferring that format over the modern double pack. Perhaps a sequel will follow." - Ben Sun

A1 The Regime
A2 Work Again
A3 Salty Tears
A4 Your Camera!
A5 Monday
B1 Sin Casa
B2 Still Missing
B3 Cowardice
B4 Maman's Lover