Deepblak Recordings owner AYBEE and label mainstay Afrikan Sciences offer up an homage to one of the greatest musical innovators of the 20th Century, Miles Davis. Sketches of Space is comprised of live jam session recordings spanning 3 years and two countries.  The project, though named after Mile's classic "Sketches of Spain", is not dedicated to any of Miles's work specifically, but honoring his pioneering spirit from which this project drew fuel, particularly Davis's spirit in his continual search for new sound. This search led him into the jazz fusion era, birthing a movement of stunning contributions by jazz giants that began to explore the improvisational possibilities of electronic instruments. This era in particular, along with its ethos, has played a critical role in Deepblak's creative direction over the years. AYBEE and Afsci have remained steadfast in pushing themselves sonically, and have drawn an innumerable amount of inspiration from the free flowing vibes of the 70's jazz fusion era.  Sketches of Space is by no means an out and out jazz album, nor is it a remix or recreation of Miles' music, but it is with him in mind that the two producers entered into the Sketches jam-sessions over two continents (Oakland, US / Berlin, DE), with the majority recorded live in neighborhood cafes. By turns wild, cosmic and smooth, Sketches represents the free flowing experimentation that Deepblak as a label cherishes so dearly. 
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